1. What You can do About the Causes of Acid Reflux

    Acid reflux is a disease that, for the most part, can easily be prevented. Lifestyle choices and mild medication can help control the main causes of acid reflux which are environmental. Dealing with this issue is easier to do when you understand what is causing it.


    To find out what your specific causes are, it is best to visit your doctor and have them do a physical. Based on information about your lifestyle choices and your physical health your doctor will be able to help identify the cause of your acid reflux. The following are some of the main causes.


    The True Advice

    Are you in the habit of eating meals or snack foods right before going to sleep? Almost everyone has heard or read that this should be avoided. If you consider it, you can probably recall being advised that late night snacks are unhealthy. Most people have gotten this advice since they were children. Well, everyone who told you this was right! Eating close to bedtime is actually one of the causes of acid reflux episodes.

    This is because when you are lying down your body has a harder time keeping your stomach acid in your stomach. So you want to leave some time between your snack and bedtime. You will feel better this way. Don’t skip meals. Sometimes we are just too busy or overscheduled. When this is your schedule you may find yourself forgetitng to eat.


    The Major Cause

    We could also simply decide that we do not have time to stop and eat. Of course this can also cause your heartburn. When you don’t eat regularly, the acid in your stomach starts to build up. This build up can start eating away at the stomach lining causing your stomach to send the acid into the esophagus and throat. You can indeed prevent this cause.

    Caffeine is one of the major acid reflux causes. Caffeine causes all kinds of issues in your body. An acid reflux attack may be your bodies way of telling you to cut down on your caffeine levels. Caffeine withdrawals are not fun but these are only temporary and it would be better to live without the acid reflux issues. Do your body a favor and switch to decaf.


    Easy Food Management

    Avoiding the main causes of acid reflux is easily managed. Your lifestyle choices are usually the main causes of acid reflux but there are some purely medical reasons for it as well. Figuring out what in your life may be causing your acid reflux attack and making changes is the best way to prevent them. Your doctor is a good source of help in this process. You can also ask them for additional steps you can take to prevent any more acid reflux attacks.